Seven Dollar Beer and Other Calamities

“Fine tunesmith that Dave Shiflett! Fair to say” -- Van Dyke Parks

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Press Release and Links

Seven Dollar Beer (And Other Calamities) is Dave Shiflett’s latest song collection, a mixture of jazzy recollection, dark and satirical observation, and a deeply touching song about the loss of a dog. Dave is joined by violin maestro Elana James (Hot Club of Cow Town and Bob Dylan) plus bass legend Viktor Krauss (Lyle Lovett) on “Back in the Day” while Buttafly Vasquez sings harmony vocals on six of the eight songs. Dave sings and plays guitar, bass, and keyboards, with cameo keyboard/percussion appearances by Evan Davies.  


Here’s the lineup:  


Hey Rube (4:28) – A life-affirming song featuring Huck Finn, Otis Redding, and a crocodile. The title is taken from Hunter Thompson’s column. Dave plays all the instruments; Buttafly adds the harmonies.


Sunday Morning (4:27) – A triumphant breakup song, reminding us that miracles don’t happen when those angels are napping. Dave plays all the instruments; Buttafly supplies the harmonies.


Seven Dollar Beer (4:34) – A dying Boomer unloads on Millennials. A song of generational warfare, in the spirit of Okie from Muscogee (which featured – in my analysis -- a member of the Greatest Generation unloading on a Boomer). Dave on guitar, bass and vocals; Evan on piano and percussion.


Back in the Day (4:12) Looking back on a fuzzy morning. Viktor Krauss on bass, Elana James on violin, Dave on guitar and vocals. This song includes all the chords Dave knows, plus a few he doesn’t.


Juniper Tears (3:41) – A momma song, rest her soul. A look at alcohol and opioid addiction, with a grim outcome. Happily, Buttafly adds nice harmonies; Dave on guitar, bass and vocals.


In The Quiet of My Days (4:30) – An ode to a dead dog. This song was initially conceived in 2000, then forgotten. Revived recently. It’s fairly upbeat, considering the subject matter. Dave on guitars, bass and vocals; Buttafly on harmonies; Evan on percussion.


One Foot Cold (3:22) – An upbeat paean to the lost art of chicken theft. Dave on vocals and all the instruments; Buttafly does the harmonies.


Sorta Getting Old (3:39) -- Our common fate. Dave by himself, playing finger-style plus a solo.


Here's the Hightail site:


Here are Soundcloud links for listening and downloading.


Hey Rube

Sunday Morning

Seven Dollar Beer

Back in the Day

Juniper Tears

 In the Quiet of My Days

One Foot Cold

Sorta Getting Old




Dave Shiflett is a lifelong journalist and author -- and likely the only singer/ songwriter who has written a Donald Trump book. He has released ten recordings, most of which are available at CD Baby and iTunes. Most of his music and journalism is posted at his website (link below).